Meter box - Meter Box

Meter box
Height: 534
Width: 356
Depth: 200
Rated: IP65
Main Features: each meter box is complete with hinged door, gearplate, catches, earth stud and sealant. Manufactured in 18 gauge 304 Stainless Steel and polished finish.

Meter Box Body: consists of all welded corners and has troughed lip around the front perimeter. Four gearplate fixing studs are welded in the inside rear, also an earthing stud on the bottom.

Door: is supported by two hinges and is removable by lifting vertically when open. A lip is folded into the top inside edge to prevent capillary action. A PVC flame retardant sealant resistive to fungus solvent and weather is attached to the inside of the door. Two catches are mounted on each door which is opened with a screwdriver. These may be replaced with a lock and keys as an extra.

The door has a rubber sealed perspex or glass widow.

Gear Plate: is made from 10 gauge (3mm)(1/8") Alloy Coated panel steel with a stoved white painted finish. This sturdy gearpl